OCR Statistics

2018 OCR World Team Championships, 1st Place Overall

2018 Spartan Ohio, 3rd Place Overall

2018 Spartan Regional Championships, 9th Place Overall

2018 Pittsburgh Tough Mudder, 2nd Place Overall

2018 Black Swamp Dash, 1st Place Overall

2018 Savage Race Ohio, 2nd Place Overall

2018 Super Hero Obstacle Run, 1st Place Overall

2018 NORAM Individuals Championships, 4th Place Overall

2018 NORAM Team Championships, 4th Place Overall

2017 OCR World Championships: 11th Place Overall, Men's Elite

2017 Spartan, Michigan: 2nd Place Overall

2017 Spartan, West Virginia: 4th Place Overall

2017 Bonefrog, Ohio: 1st Place Overall

2017 Black Swamp Mud Run, Ohio: 1st Place Overall

2017 Mud Ninja, Ohio: 1st Place Overall

2017 Super Hero Obstacle Run: 1st Place Overall

In 2017, Logan decided to join the Cleveland Obstacle Racing Alliance, better known as COBRA, and combine his ninja and elite running skills. He quickly developed a passion for OCR competitions and after just his first season, Logan finished No. 4 in the country and No. 11 in the world at the OCR World Championships in Blue Mountains, Canada. In 2018, Logan and his two teammates won the OCR World Championships Team Competition. In 2019, Logan was invited to join the Spartan Pro Team.